Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A ladybug for my little lady bug

Yesterday was Julia and Gabriels actual birthday and so she had a snack time celebration at school and I made her cupcakes. She loves to play with Ladybugs so it just fit to have a lady bug on top of her cupcake. Unfortunately my husband and Dante had to go to the hospital because he started to run a fever so they missed the little party but Dante is feeling much better after a dose of antibiotics yesterday. We are sitting in the clinic now getting him some blood and platelets but he seems to feel all right as of right now.
Julia and Gabriel had the greatest birthday and I want to thank everyone that sent them birthday wishes to them they were very happy. I honestly can't believe I have three kids and that my oldest is almost eight and my baby is 2. I love my kids. I love having a family and I love my husband because without him I wouldn't have them.

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