Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why I have been gone for so long...

Now she makes a hospital gown look cute, don't you think?
Just waking up after surgery. She couldnt even really sit up by herself yet.

Me and Dante on the 4th of july. We watched the fireworks out his window in the hospital and he had the best view of the washington monument.

Doing window art with physical therapy.

Sorry guys, but my son is in the hospital undergoing a bone marrow transplant and I am here with him. Unfortunately I don't have Internet access all the time because the hospital supplies air cards for families but we only get to keep them for 2 days then they come take them to another family. So as i have access I will update you on his progress if I can. I will be posting a card we made together maybe tomorrow or even tonight if I don't pass out first. My kids love my cricut machine and my husband brought it up a week ago so we have been playing around making cards for Halloween, yes I know its early but it keeps him happy. As well as he has been getting lots of cards from people we know as well as people we don't know, which we love. I have to send out a thank you to everyone who has written him or sent him a card you have no idea how much that brightens his day knowing that people care about him and are praying for him. I'm so happy to know there are folks out there that love my family as much as I do.
He is doing very well we have bad days and good days, but that is expected. My daughter Julia is 5 and she donated her marrow to her brother and everyday she asks him if her stuff is working and it is the cutest thing to know she knows how much she has helped him. I love my children and I am so blessed to have them.

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