Friday, October 23, 2009

The Flu

Well I have two kids with the flu now and it is not fun. I was up all night with my youngest Gabriel with a fever of 104. It all started 3 days ago with my 4 year old Julia when she came home from school and was running a fever. In her bag was a note from her teacher saying she didnt want to participate in music class so she sat out. Of course after she got home she went straight in her room and put on her footie pajamas and didnt want to play with Dante her older brother. Since that is not her normal routine when she gets home i knew something wasnt right i took her temp and she was running a fever. Called the doctor and he said she had the flu and he called her in some tamiflu. After 2 doses of tylenol and tamiflu she is feeling much better but my baby on the other hand is not doing as well. He has everything you can possibly get from the flu so my little man doesnt feel so great, but the greatest thing about this is its not halloween so my kids wont miss halloween. Ok there is my update.

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