Friday, May 11, 2012

New photos of the Kids

These are photos I took today of my growing kids.  Sometimes I wish they were still babies but i love to see them grow and see the new things they accomplish.  This week Dante got his hearing aids and he loves them thank God.  He is finally hearing some of the things hes been missing for so long.  Still of course more pictures to come but this is just the beginning.  
First you will see the boys...

My Gabriel who is now 4 years old waving at me to say Hey Mommy.  Sooooooo Cute I think.

 Man this kid has grown over the years and man have we been through a lot over the years.  He has taught me so much over the years that were soooo hard on him.  My trooper Dante.

I'm not sure why I like this photo so much but just the way my boys can show how much they love each other in between all the bickering and fighting.

Brotherly Love

 My little girl is now 7 years old and all I hear is that she looks so much like me, and I love hearing that.  She is my princess.
Julia my mini me.

 My two oldest having a great time together.
She loves her brother.

Well the photos aren't done but they will continue tomorrow.

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