Monday, December 21, 2009

Radiation Update

Just wanted to update everyone on how Dante's Radiation treatment is going... He is doing pretty well. He has radiation sun burns, but not as bad as others that I have seen. Thank god he will be done on the 28th of December. I know he will be very happy when its over just as much as I will be very happy to be able to get some sleep. Waking up at 4 in the morning monday through friday for 6 weeks has taken the most out of all of us. The whole family has had to get up and drive to the hospital an hour away or coming and sitting with our other 2 kids and putting Julia on the bus and taking care of my wild man Gabe. All in all he has done very well and now we have to wait to find out if it worked so I am asking everyone to put in a little prayer for my little man that this fight is finally over and he can go on being a kid. Well later today I will be posting some of the Christmas cards that I have made during our snow storm this year so check me out a little later.

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