Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dante Update

Well here is the update on Dante and as you can see he has a feeding tube through his nose, he actually seems to be ok with it. He didn't like us to much when we were putting it in but he needs it. He has not really gained any weight but he is not losing pounds like he was. He will gain an ounce here and there or he will do the opposite. He has had so many tests done this past week and everything seems to be normal, but that leaves his problems still unanswered. There is good news, we had a bone marrow aspiration done and through the prelimanaries we figured out he does not have luekemia, thank god. So to all of you wether we know you or not and you have had him in your thoughts and prayers thank you very much. We still have no idea when he will be able to go home, but i'm am very happy that we don't have to worry about luekemia.
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